Nature as main source of inspiration

Complete and high quality recipes

At Natura Wild, we choose with care French meats of first quality to offer tasty recipes to our canine companions. Rich in animal proteins and essential nutrients, our balanced recipes without cereals are suitable for all types and races of dogs. Offer to your dog a food of high quality which answers its natural needs and ensure its health with Natura Wild.

To be as close as possible to their needs, Natura Wild uses various ingredients with high nutritional value whose digestibility is increased to bring to your dog all the necessary nutritional contribution without excess.

Little Creek

Complete food for puppies that can be used from the weaning period until the age of 18 months.

Yukon Lake

Complete food for adult dogs, suitable for all breeds. Contains salmon to promote excellent coat and skin condition.

Manitoba Hills

Complete food for adult dogs, suitable for all breeds. Can also be suitable for dogs subject to overweight.

North Country

Complete food for adult dogs, suitable for all breeds, especially large dogs thanks to its reduced protein and fat content and its adapted kibble size. This recipe is also suitable for overweight or sterilized dogs.

Ontario Wildland

Complete food for adult dogs, suitable for all breeds. Does not contain fish to meet the needs of dogs that may be intolerant of fish.

Natura Wild’s advice

To maintain your dog in good physical and mental health, the food plays an essential role of course. The regular physical exercise is also necessary to use the energy brought by Natura Wild food. Go out with your dog regularly, take advantage of nature for his well-being… and yours ! 

Canadian inspired recipes

Nature and the love of animals are at the heart of our tasty, healthy and nourishing recipes. We draw our inspiration from the Canadian forests, which offer inexhaustible raw materials. With its proximity to rivers and lakes, this ecosystem is invaluable and its preservation is essential to maintaining an exemplary heritage. It is a model for creating quality food that contributes to the health of our companions. Join us in our commitment to natural food for your pet.

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