Nature: our main source of inexhaustible inspiration.

High quality and complete recipes for cats.

At Natura Wild, we choose with love French meats of the highest quality to concoct tasty recipes for our feline friends. Our recipes contain an abundance of proteins of animal origin as well as all the essential nutrients which they need to remain in good health, such as vitamins, minerals and fibres. With our balanced grain-free recipes, your cat will have a feast worthy of the name, regardless of its breed or type.

At Natura Wild, we conceived all our recipes with a particular attention to answer the physiological and natural needs of our feline friends. We concocted each formula to offer you the insurance that your cat is nourished in an adapted way, with ingredients carefully selected for their superior quality.

Small Ridge

Complete kitten food that can be used from the weaning period until the age of 12 months.

Rocky Plain

Complete food for sterilized adult cats. May also be suitable for overweight cats.

Natura Wild’s advice

When it comes to caring for our cat, food isn’t the only thing to consider. As a cat owner, you can help improve your cat’s health and well-being by spending time playing with it. Cats need mental and physical stimulation to stay active and happy, and playing with them is a great way to do this. Take the time to do this regularly to help your cat stay active and engaged.

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