Nature as main source of inspiration

Natura Wild

Inspired by the Canadian nature and the natural needs of our dogs and cats, Natura Wild proposes a food of superior quality intended for all types of dogs and cats. Far from any current of mode, at Natura Wild, we remain close to our pets to select the nutritive raw materials and to work out recipes with balanced compositions. Our range is produced in France.

Fresh meat
Animal ingredients
Fruits & vegetables

Animal proteins, meat and fish

The dog has genetic similarities with the wolf, they are both carnivores, endowed with a formidable morphological, anatomical and physiological arsenal to eat and digest living prey.
That’s why meat is the first ingredient in all our recipes, with a high content of animal proteins. We ensure that our great companions, the dogs, get back to their roots. When we formulate our recipes, we give priority to proteins of animal origin to meet the nutritional needs of our dogs as accurately as possible.

Recipes rich in meat

With 40% fresh meat content, Natura Wild is defined as the biologically appropriate food for carnivores, thanks to a high proportion of meat and a reduced content of vegetables and fats.

Grain free

Our recipes are more than just a meal for our canine and feline companions, they are a reflection of the love and attention we give them. That’s why our ingredients are carefully selected to meet their natural carnivorous needs, rich in protein and free of grains and gluten for comfortable digestion and to avoid food sensitivities. We are proud to be able to offer our dogs and cats a balanced, quality diet, using carefully selected hypoallergenic ingredients, to give them the best of food.

Inspired by Canadian wealth and purity

Our recipes are inspired by nature to offer to your companions a healthy, balanced food and adapted to their natural needs. At Natura Wild, we have in heart to propose foods of superior quality, made in France, for the well-being and the health of your dogs and cats. Choose a natural and nutritive food, inspired by our love of the animals and our commitment towards a healthy and sustainable food.

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